Sample Sewer

I Apparel is looking for a Sample Sewer to join our team.

Job Responsibility

  • Achieved the set target (individual & group)
  • Produce perfect quality sample
  • Maintain 7's in workplace (clean and tide work place), workstation, equipment, machinery and tools

Job Duties

  • To inform and apply leave in advance
  • To attend daily goal setting meeting to know quality requirement & set group or individual target for the day
  • to put effort to achieve the daily individual & group target
  • To request Production Line Supervisor to replace the defective tools
  • Clean the work place/machine before start work, after break and end of work
  • Remove oil stain paper place under the presser foot before operating the machine and pass to Quality Inspector (QI)
  • Do needle blunt test before start to work and after break for QI verification
  • Sew on 50 cm fabric to let QI verify the right SPI, thread tension and machine tuning (no stretch or over feed) & trim-off
  • Follow the right sewing methodology as instructed by supervisor or technician
  • Follow cut panel sequence (bottom up or follow numbering_ when sewing off line operation (no mixing of panel allows)
  • Do self-checking after task completed before pass to next operation
  • Follow needle exchange and metal contamination control procedures
  • Other duties as required and that may occasionally be necessary to support the business


  1. At least 6 years as sewer
  2. Able to operate multiple machine
  3. Able to work under pressure
  4. Station in Cambodia

Immediate available is preferred

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