iCare Learning Center: Five Years of Shaping Minds, Weaving the Future

Published October 21, 2023
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Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Cambodia has seen a rise in its adult literacy rate among individuals whose ages range from 15 and above. According to the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports (MoEYS), it went up by 87.8 percent in 2020 from 77.6 percent in the previous years.

This figure means so much for every Cambodian, but even more so for the iCare Community Support Organization (iCCS). The social foundation, which embarks on projects related to education, healthcare, and community outreach, chose to establish the iCare Learning Center in 2018 as its pioneer initiative. It is a learning facility equipped with a library and classroom, where the employees of IK Apparel may enroll for language, math, and computer courses.

iccs teacher & students certificates

The iCCS couldn’t be more proud that this project, which exists for five years now, has contributed to Cambodia’s significant progress in education, and still continues to do so, as part of its goal to advocate the right to education of every citizen.

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On August 29, 2023, another set of students recently completed the iCare Learning Center’s literacy education program. A total of six students graduated and received their certificate of completion in an awarding ceremony held at the iCCS building. Guests from partner organizations from both government and nongovernment sectors, including Cambodian Garment Training Institute (CGTI), UNESCO, Non-Formal Education Department, and Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports (MoEYS).

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The students expressed their appreciation for this free education program and readily shared their experiences and takeaways from completing the course. To attend the class, these hard working employees would spend productive lunch breaks after the morning shift. After an hour, they would be dismissed from the class and return to their workstations to continue the afternoon shift. It was a daily sacrifice, but it was well-worth the effort, knowing that education is a ladder to better opportunities in the future.

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Meanwhile, the guests from partner organizations motivated more employees to join the course. They also provided helpful suggestions on improving the project. For example, they said that it will be great if the iCare Learning Center will expand the courses offered to hard skill training such as mechanics, sewing, cutting, and ironing. They also suggested updating the library with more books focusing on worker skills related to the garment industry.

students certified

The iCCS expects another batch of students will complete the literacy education program next year. Its pioneer program, the iCare Learning Center, commits to continue taking an active role in weaving the future of individuals who make up the lifeblood of Cambodia’s flourishing garment industry.

To support iCare with your donations, collaborations, or volunteer work, kindly email to: icare@iccskh.org