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Since 2010, I Apparel International Group strongly believes that fashion and sustainability goes hand in hand and has made it our mission to produce eco-friendly products at our factories. A reliable manufacturing partner of world-famous apparel brands, we use available modern technologies to apply ESG standards in every work we do, from start to finish. Our creations celebrate our love for our planet, the well-being of the people making them, and ultimately the joy and safety of individuals wearing them, no matter their age.

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We offer a well-thought, technologically-driven manufacturing process crafted to benefit your business and the planet. For example, Precise Trends Forecast allows clients to understand up-and-coming market demands; 3D Technologies to create accurate designs quickly and impeccably with less waste; and automation to speed up the entire manufacturing process to meet ship dates on time, every time. These and more end-to-end solutions are available to you when you work with us.


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01. Dedicated and Talented Team with Wealth of Industry Experience

02. Adoption of ESG Framework in Apparel Production

03. One-stop Manufacturing Solutions

04. Future-forward Technologies

05. Meticulous Quality Assurance

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Our core precept is to be a socially responsible manufacturer. Know More
We also care.

iCare Community Services

We believe that adopting ethical and sustainable manufacturing methods is the key to our success and good reputation.

With a strong focus on education, healthcare, charity, and volunteering drives, iCare aims to uplift and transform the community into future-ready individuals as productive contributors to society.

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A recipient of the 2018 Enterprise 50 Award in Singapore.

We set the bar high for ourselves since we were established in 2010. We constantly innovate our manufacturing solutions to efficiently produce flawless products and services that transform lives, attitudes, and actions.

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