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Since 2010, I Apparel International Group strongly believes that fashion and sustainability goes hand in hand and has made it our mission to produce eco-friendly products at our factories. A reliable manufacturing partner of world-famous apparel brands, we use available modern technologies to apply ESG standards in every work we do, from start to finish. Our creations celebrate our love for our planet, the well-being of the people making them, and ultimately the joy and safety of individuals wearing them, no matter their age.


Weave the union of ethics and aesthetics through ingenious, future-forward solutions.


A world clothed in aesthetic, lawful, ethical, and durable apparel.

Our Core Values

The ICRAFT Principle

Integrity & Intelligence

We do our work conscientiously using our deep industry knowledge, expertise and experience.

Creativity & Compassion

We find creative solutions to express our compassion for our planet and everyone who calls it home.

Responsiveness & Resourcefulness

We are keen to listen to our client's needs and act fast to transform vision into reality. We are committed to search the globe for ethically produced textiles for clients to accomplish our shared ESG goals.

Accountability as One

As an apparel manufacturer, we hold ourselves accountable for making the fashion industry friendlier to the environment.

Future-forward in Mind & Action

We create actionable plans with a more sustainable future in mind.

Transparency & Thoughtfulness

Mutual trust is the foundation of harmonious relationships. That's why we aim to be transparent and thoughtful in our dealings with the authorities, our investors, and ultimately our valued clients.



01. Dedicated and Talented Team with Wealth of Industry Experience

02. Adoption of ESG Framework in Apparel Production

03. One-stop Manufacturing Solutions

04. Future-forward Technologies

05. Meticulous Quality Assurance


On Our Journey


By adopting the ESG framework, we commit to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30% by 2030. From installing solar panels to opening the iCare Health Hub, we continue to create a sustainable workplace that prioritises the safety and well-being of our workers.


Our transition to paperless transactions within the past three years has enabled us to save an estimated 10,005.60 reams of paper, equivalent to 400 trees!


With our investment in energy-saving machines in previous years, we were able to redesign our production process with enhanced efficiency.

Our Facilities.

Eco-friendly Facilities

By employing sustainable lean manufacturing in our eco-friendly factories, we streamline our production process to conserve energy and other resources and minimise wastage of time, costs, and materials. As a crucial step, our finished products undergo stringent testing in our in-house laboratories to ensure their durability and safety.

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