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Beyond the increasing demand for ESG adoption in supply chain relationships, I Apparel sees clean, ethical fashion as not just a trend but the future. Environmentally friendly. Socially responsible. That's the I Apparel DNA

On the Way to
Carbon Neutral 2050

By forging the path to make sustainability a part of the apparel industry, we aim to make the planet a safer, better home for everyone. This goes beyond developing our communities. It is about making our industry friendlier to the planet - the only good impact we want to create.

Transition to energy-saving machines and strict utilities consumption monitoring helped us achieve 47.50% Energy Consumption Reduction and 9.56% Water Consumption Reduction within the last 3 years

Switching to digitised transactions using Cloud-based ERP System, Apparel EZI and Office EZI enabled us to save around 400+ trees and counting.

Committed to achieving Net Zero by year 2050

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Whether you're a huge, established brand, a medium-sized business looking to scale up, or a new name in the fashion industry, we'd love to hear from you. We're excited to meet like-minded brands who share our passion for ethically and sustainably produced fashion!

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