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With inclusivity as our guiding principle, we welcome brands of all sizes to partner us - big or small; new or established; niche-focused small catalogue or extensive catalogues with diverse collections - our order placement options work for our client's unique needs. That's why working with I Apparel requires no minimum order quantity.

I Apparel treats your customers as our customers. We prioritise your vision and goals that meet your customers' needs and wants.

Providing end-to-end management solutions, watch us get the job done as we take care of everything to bring your vision to life and develop a go-to-market strategy at the right time. We make it happen by ethically producing your products in our sustainable factories.

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Design Creation

Crafting Designs that Sell based on Market Trends Insight

Our in-house team of designers provide market trend data and insights to our clients, for you to create demand-driven collections or buy from our specially designed seasonal collections.

Material Management

Source & Develop Top-Notch Materials to Meet Your Design Needs

Our expertise and flexibility in fabric development helps you adapt to changing trends in the industry. We source, develop, and produce your choice of fabric, accessories, or materials needed to create your desired products within your ideal budget. We specialise in the production of sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton, recycled, and degradable content fabric.

Concept Creation and Technical Design

Pitch Your Concept to Us, and We'll Engineer it for You

Our in-house team of Industrial Engineers carefully study your concept and engineer the product construction to achieve your desired aesthetic and functionality, viable for production at low cost.

Using 3D CLO, 3D Browzwear, and Lectra Modaris, our Product Development team creates patterns and performs digital fitting before sampling, creating accurate fit samples to improve sample approval rating and reduce sampling time.


Our Sustainable Factories Make Ethical Fashion Accessible

We provide a full production package characterised by digitisation, automation, and lean manufacturing. We adopt the ESG framework in Fashion Manufacturing at both our in-house and alliance factories where we manufacture your products.

Through Apparel EZI - Production Management System (PMS), we accurately manage the forecasting, planning, and production of orders which streamlines daily operations. Facilitating real-time transparency, clients immediately know the exact amount of work completed within a specific timeline.

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

Streamlining Storage and Order Fulfilment

Streamline inventory management and order fulfilment process with our VMI service. We are quick to react to market demands and ship what is required. This means your business always has the right items on hand at the right time, every time. You can keep your customers happy, keep low inventory and prevent dead stock. Less waste on the environment. Less waste on the economy. A win-win for everyone.

Logistics Management

Expediting the Arrival of Your Shipments for Business Success

We have complete logistical facilities, equipment and the ideal workforce to provide all logistics services to guarantee convenience, speed, and reliability when you partner with us. Be it Free Carrier (FCA), Free on Board (FOB), or Landed Duty Paid (LDP) - you can choose among flexible shipping options available to suit your business needs.

I Apparel is a Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) certified company, so your shipment gets an express pass from thorough inspections that may at times cause huge delays.

I Apparel designs its services to accelerate your business success.

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Whether you're a huge, established brand, a medium-sized business looking to scale up, or a new name in the fashion industry, we'd love to hear from you. We're excited to meet like-minded brands who share our passion for ethically and sustainably produced fashion!

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