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Join over 5,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise in creating guilt-free fashion and making it available for everyone!

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Diversity & Inclusion

Talented and hardworking individuals from across the globe work here. We continuously work towards creating a work environment where everyone feels safe to embrace their individuality, share their ideas, and make a difference in the industry.

Fair & Generous Remuneration + Benefits

We take care of our people and their well being. We don’t hold back on offering the best candidates with fair and generous compensation plus government mandated benefits. On top of competitive salaries, we offer various leaves, employment engagement activities and many more!

Growth & Good Impact

When we see potential, we invest in it. We provide on-the-job training, company sponsored courses and other learning & development opportunities to help our employees grow in their chosen career paths to become more productive contributors to the economy.

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HR/Admin Manager


Admin/HR/ESG Director

I Apparel International Group (Cambodia)

PPC Clerk

I Apparel Limited

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